Terms and conditions

Upon every booking you will be asked to agree to my terms and conditions, with doing so you agree to my terms of business.

* Removing dirt from a vehicles surface can reveal, scratches, faults, dents and bumps. I cannot accept responsibility for loose or faulty parts caused by wear and tear, or by previous impact.

* All package prices are a starting from price, every car is different, I do have a heavy soilage charge, so If you book a interior, exterior valet but your car is full of sand, dog hair, very dirty or has not been cleaned in a while I will need to charge accordingly to the time and products used on the vehicle or I would strongly suggest booking my deep clean package.

* As a way of promoting my work I take photos while working on your vehicle to share to my website, facebook and Instagram.

* If the weather is not suitable for working in or any unseen circumstances happen, I will need to reschedule your booking.

* When you book one of my services you are accepting the above terms and acknowledge that vehicles and their contacts driven to and left on the premises are done so at their owner’s risk.

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